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Little Barks Boutique : Pampering Pets and Loving it !

Hello, my fellow Dog Mamas!

Are you the type of pet parent who sees your furry friend not just as a pet, but as a beloved family member? Mine are, for sure—they run the house most days! I wouldn't have it any other way. They live life with me and fill it with adventure, joy, and lots of cuddles.

I can't wait to share another huge part of me: Little Barks Boutique. I love to sew, create, and of course, spoil every dog I meet. So, I guess I have my dream job!

Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of why boutique experiences are the crème de la crème for your precious pups and purring pals, let's talk about what sets a boutique apart from your regular retail store.

As you stroll through the aisles of a retail store, surrounded by mass-produced items neatly stacked on shelves, it's a familiar sight where bargains and deals abound.

Retail stores have their charm, especially for deal hunters. However, if you're seeking something truly special, something that reflects your pet's unique personality and style, then a boutique is where the magic unfolds.

At Little Barks Boutique, located in the heart of South Carolina and now conveniently available online, we're all about comfort, style, function, and safety. I believe as pet parents, we can have all that plus trendy, unique along with it, that distinctive touch that sets us apart.

My girls (poodles) would tell you I am obsessed with Collars, and they would be right! Little Barks offers Cotton and Cork Collars for dogs and cats in Fun and Fabulous designs. Whether your pup prefers classic elegance or trendy flair, we've got something to suit every taste. We add new styles often because it's always fun to have the fresh new look.

But hey, let's talk about some extra goodies we've got for your Bestie in between those fancy grooming sessions!

When your pup's feeling a bit rough around the edges, but it's not quite time for their big salon day, that's where our paw lotion, brushing spray, and mineral mist hydration spray swoop in to save the day! They're like little spa treatments in a bottle, giving your pet's skin and coat the love and care they need to stay healthy and fabulous. A little background about me: I am a groomer too!

My Pro Bio:

Kim Kier is the owner/groomer of Little Barks Grooming & Boutique, an award-winning luxury Salon in Columbia, South Carolina. She is also a Master Pet Aesthetician, Professional Grooming Credential (World Pet Association), Master Groomer Behavior Specialist, Fear-Free Certified Professional, Low Stress Handling Certified Level Silver Certified, and Certified Puppy Consultant. Kim has recently been honored to be named “Grooming Guru” by Pet Product News International for 2023.

Keeping your Dog's Skin and Coat looking Great and Healthy is my 9-5 LOVE!

Little Barks is here to Give your Bestie with Fur their Best life, helping you spoil them with the Best Collars, Spa, Toys, and Treats because they deserve it!

With all my gratitude for being such an awesome pet parent and supporting my passion and dreams,

Kim Kier

Little Barks



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