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Our Story

Me and My Tasha - Little Barks Boutique

 Celebrating 24 Years with Little Barks Boutique & Grooming!


Welcome to Little Barks Boutique & Grooming! Our journey has been incredible, and I am deeply grateful for God’s guidance that made this dream possible.

 The Beginning

It all started with a simple need. My poodle, Cinny, had a reaction to the available nylon and heavy leather collars. Determined to find a solution, I sat down at my sewing machine, and Little Barks was born! Friends and family loved the collars, and soon, requests started pouring in.


Family and Growth

Back then, my children were in grade school, and money was tight. Little Barks provided extra income and allowed me to spend valuable time with my kids while supporting our family. I was amazed when opportunities arose to support shelters, creating stylish collars that helped dogs find their forever homes.

Every weekend, I’d pack up the kids, dogs, and lots of Little Barks gear to attend local craft shows and fairs. These events were not only fun but also instrumental in spreading the word about our products. Soon, Little Barks products were on the shelves of 20 locations across Illinois and featured as an “Illinois Product” at our State Fair for five consecutive years.


 Achievements and Milestones

To date, Little Barks Boutique has dressed 42,123 dogs in our collars and sold 4,500 bags of our Peanut Butter Bones. Not bad for a dog mama with no advertising budget and a habit of gifting more than selling most months. But it’s all about bringing joy to dogs and their parents. God turned one collar into a dream come true, allowing me to support my family in meaningful ways.


 Evolution and Expansion

In 2012, my family and I moved to South Carolina, and Little Barks evolved. The boutique became a huge support for my grooming business. My dream has always been to help dogs enjoy the grooming process, making it low-stress, calm, and comfortable. To make this affordable, Little Barks Boutique’s collars, treats, and accessories help cover expenses, keeping grooming services accessible.


 Professional Growth

Little Barks Boutique has supported my ongoing education and professional growth. I’m proud to be an award-winning groomer with numerous certifications, including Master Pet Aesthetician and Fear Free Certified Professional. Recently, I was named “Grooming Guru” by Pet Product News International for 2023. It’s a blessing to grow and learn about the amazing souls I serve, helping them and their parents.


 Giving Back

Little Barks Boutique has also supported shelters, rescues, and countless fundraisers, dressing pups in our gear and helping raise funds. I truly believe that without God working in my life, none of this would be possible.


Our Joy

Sewing for dogs is so much fun! I imagine the little fluff balls happy and wagging on their walks, and the joy of owners celebrating birthdays with their pets. Little Barks Boutique has allowed me to bless many lives and support my family and dreams. I often pray for guidance, asking how I can use my talents to help others, and the answer is always to spread kindness and joy. One collar can make a dog mama happy and keep a dog safe, but to me, it’s so much more. It spreads love and joy, helping dogs enjoy a bath, a nail trim, and look and feel their best.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. You make dogs happy, and I’m grateful for each of you. Here’s to many more years of joy and growth with Little Barks Boutique & Grooming!


With gratitude,

Kim Kier

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