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Are Dog Collars Safe ?

As a dog  owner, your dog's safety is undoubtedly

your top priority, I know it is mine. 

We have all thought “what if ?” 

Normal  fears surrounding your dog's collar can sometimes overshadow the joy of having a furry companion and keeping them safe when out on walks or even around the house. 

In this blog post, we'll address common fears "Are Dog Collars Safe?" and provide practical solutions to ensure your dog's safety and your peace of mind.

Identifying Common Fears:

1. Collar causing discomfort to the dog: Many pet owners worry that their dog's collar might be uncomfortable, leading to irritation or distress for their furry friend.

2. Collar causing skin irritation: The fear of skin irritation due to collar materials or design can be concerning for pet owners, especially those with sensitive-skinned pups.

3. Collar getting caught on objects: The thought of your dog's collar getting caught on objects, potentially causing injury or strangulation, is a valid fear for many pet owners.

4. Collar causing choking or injury: There's a genuine fear among pet owners that their dog's collar might pose a choking hazard or cause injury during regular activities.

5. Collar being chewed or destroyed: Dogs are notorious chewers, and the fear of their collar being destroyed or ingested can cause significant anxiety for pet owners.

Practical Solutions:

- Choose collars made from soft, non-abrasive natural  materials to minimize discomfort and skin irritation. As a Master Pet Aesthetician I have many skin issues in dogs, Natural Materials such as Cotton, Cork, Hemp are Breathable, Washable and are non abrasive choices. 

It is what I recommend to my Grooming and Skin Case clients. 

- Opt for breakaway or safety collars designed to release if caught on objects, reducing the risk of injury. Little Barks Collars come in a Breakaway Buckle style for those dogs that walk on a harness and use their collar for identification and to look stylish. 

- Regularly check the fit of your dog's collar to ensure it's not too tight or too loose, which can alleviate choking concerns.

- In Most cases if your dog’s collar is fitted properly and is comfortable they will not chew at it, or try to remove their collar. Knowing your dog and supervising your dog when wearing a collar for the first few weeks will help them enjoy wearing a collar. 


  • Introduce your dog to a collar while they are young and they will love to wear it. Let's face it a Dog's Collar is a practical and important tool that we use to keep them safe and looking their Best.

  • Choose a Natural Material such as Cotton, Cork or Hemp for comfort and hygiene. Breathable, Washable and Comfortable are important factors when choosing the right Collar for our Dogs.

  • Make sure their collar is fitted properly , A proper fitting collar keeps them safe, the Collar itself performing the job it is meant to do, and keeps your dog comfortable.

  • Know your dog , the Good and the Bad. Supervise when using any tool and keep safety first. Choosing the right collar is key.  This may mean that they several Collars in their wardrobe. A Breakaway for daycare , a walking collar , and a Collar for home and I.D. use. That is Okay , more ways to show off their personality and style and keep them safe.

  • By understanding and addressing common fears surrounding dog collars, you can take proactive steps to ensure your pet's safety and well-being. Remember to prioritize comfort, durability, and safety when choosing a collar for your furry companion, reach out to me at Little Barks Boutique if you have specific concerns.

  • A Dog's Collar Keeps them Safe at Home and Out and About in this Big Human world, So Yes they are Safe , making good choices and ensuring we help our dogs are comfortable with the collar they are wearing.

  • With the right approach, you can overcome your fears and enjoy many happy adventures with your beloved pup.


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