Hello there,

Kim started her journey in the pet industry in 2000. It began as most careers in this field do, with a dog well not just a dog a poodle named Cinnamon. After losing her Mother to Breast cancer, Kim was to say the least broken and overwhelmed by depression and heartache. Cinnamon saved her and gave her a purpose. I really think how a lot of stories about people and their dogs begin “they saved me”. So, it began, Cinnamon suffered from relentless skin issues the worst of them was nylon she had a horrible reaction to her own collar! A rash turned into an infection which turned into an absence. Kim was at a loss at the time every collar out there was nylon so what is a girl to do but to get creative and fix it. Kim has always loved to create especially sewing and quilting, so a business was born.

“Little Barks” has always been about helping dogs and using our gifts that God has blessed us with to help them and their owners. What began as one simple collar to help the Love of her life dog, has grown into helping so many dogs and their owners show the love they have for each other in simple but meaningful ways.